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Insight Retail distributes digital content for IPTV, DVOD, Digital Mobile Content, Online Music, Ala-carte music,Ala-carte Video, AVOD publishing under a new product called Insight Retail Magic Box. A commitment to deliver the lowest price digital mobile content such as Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Music, Home Video & Mobile Cinema without the expensive Telco's short code. 1st Company in the world to start DCM for mobile phones in offline delivery mode. A strong R&D focus that has helped us to develop innovative products on a continuing basis. A professional & Innovative approach that translates knowledge and data into better interpretation of precise market needs. A proactive approach to current and future challenges in the current media industry. Insight Retail also offers digital content in the form of e-book, lifestyle products, video bio-grapy, educational and devotional products in offline and online platforms.

Insight Retail Vision : SAY NO TO PIRACY and make media products affordable to everyone in India.

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