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Media consumption increases. Digitization and media portability will continue to drive increases in global per capita spend and media consumption. For example, the per-household spend on consumer electronic devices has increased to roughly $1,250 Million in 2005 and expected to touch $ 3000 Million by 2009. A higher-quality experience and improved portability drove a 250% percent increase in total media consumption from 2005 to 2009, from an average of 3,356 annual hours to 12,000. More specific, digital media consumption increased nearly 25 percent over that period, and the average consumer now sends more than 1,900 hours consuming digital media each year, up from 900 hours in 2001. Traditional media consumption has declined 20 percent over the same period. Insight Retail has invented a new business model for the first time in the world under the whypiracy.com initiative. Under this new brand you can use the entire Insight Retail’s digital contents such as Audio Songs, Video Songs, Brand new movies, Home Videos, Wall Papers, Themes, Screen Savers, Ringtones, Games, Softwares…………………………… as low as Rs 400 per month for a unlimited downloads or transfermode.

Improving understanding of the implications of development of digital content; Reviewing impacts of digital content on value chains; Providing insights into development of new business models; Identifying business, technological and policy approaches that contribute to a supportive environment for online and offline deliveries.

Innovative distribution model under the whypiracy.com intiative.

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