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Insight Digital is another successful brand owned by Insight Entertainment Media Limited (IEML). IEML is a medium sized public limited MNC has been in existence from 2006, Insight Digital is the fastest growing digital mobile, music, cinema content, game developer / publisher and works with all the leading mobile operators & content aggregators in 3 continents as well as several digital cinema & media distribution companies worldwide. The company also develops mobile entertainment products and distributes these contents to millions of users in the form of online & offline digital delivery.

Do you know Insight Digital is the first company produced a full length feature film (Andhiyur Marmam) exclusively for mobile and smart phones and distributed to 3.7 Million mobiles so far. This is also the first movie certified by Central Board of Film Certification - India.

Insight Digital helps many production houses to do the post production using latest technologies such as DI (Digital Intermediate), 2K, 4K grading, 3D Digital, Animation, Graphics, Matrix titiling and consultant for many leading movie theaters in the world.

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