Our company brings to the industry a technology focused approach to movie distribution activity and most important of all transparency in dealings with movie production houses and last mile distribution channels. Principally the company will acquire and distribute only quality projects after through scrutiny of the subject and movie content and from the reputed production houses. The company and their founders believe in adding value to engagements they associate with, value addition will come in terms of engaging with the production houses to take the message of the movie to the patronizing public via road show's, organizing world tours, providing internet & innovative multimedia publicity, strong promotions, etc as well as assistance in engaging with cheaper and high quality events and audio launches, etc.

Insight Cinema has already created direct distribution channels across the globe which cuts down the middle man in the movie distribution business. This results in higher fetch for the movie production houses and the last mile distribution channel like the theaters or local area distributors across the globe.

Apart from global (FMS) movie distribution Insight Cinema also undertakes local area distribution of movies as well. Here Insight Cinema brings to the table a corporate culture which results in complete transparency in accounting and reporting of business to its engaging parties. By associating with Insight Cinema movie production houses can benefit from higher visibility of their projects in the local market though hoarding syndication, publicity through multimedia & using push & pull SMS, publicity through internet, staged events, etc.

2006-2011 – Highest number of Tamil movies distributed in the last 4 years in India and overseas.

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